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Fuck. Everything goes wrong.

2. april 2013 at 21:02 | Authorforworld |  Moje myšlenkové kavalérie

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Ok, ok.
I know I have to be grateful for everything and mainly EVERYONE (our English teacher hates everyONE, someONE, etc.) I have. But FUCK. That b!tch, that... SLUT! She ruined all I had with him. All. Complete.
Could we have ONE MORE DAY, and evreything would be OK. I really don't know why she do this. Maybe cause she is slut. GO, EAT him, and finally DIE!!
OK, let it be... Life isn't ending. I'm gonna to IGNORE that fucking b!tch. And him. It would be hard, but if I could forget one more boy, which I really loved, I can forget this. Yea. I CAN.
You no.
Fuck you.
I will be happy.


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